How Video Games Use Education and Learning Elements [Infographic]

by Elbert Chu

We’re fresh from the Gamification Summit in NYC earlier this week, so we were thrilled to find this infographic that illustrates an aspect of gamification in education: Video Games. We like how the infographic highlights various subjects different games employ for their game mechanics. We don’t like the tangled web which make the graphic difficult to decipher, but it conveys some of the overlap and sometimes nebulous “educational” aspects of trying to fit games into an educational category.

We’ll be following up more on the Gamification Summit in later posts.




via Online Colleges

2 thoughts on “How Video Games Use Education and Learning Elements [Infographic]”

  1. Video games can be great educational tools. Like the flow chart illustrates, games can overlap many areas of education and teach multiple skills. Even games not dedicated to a educational skill can have many educational features. I think in the future, video games will gain a wider acceptable as educational tools.

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