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Heard: New York Attorney General Is Investigating Pearson Education – NYTimes.com

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The New York Times reports that education giant, Pearson, is under investigation for fishy freebies like trips for school officials.  The allegation is that some of the free trips funded by the Pearson foundation resulted in contracts flowing to the for-profit side. Winnie Hu reports:

The office of the attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, issued subpoenas this week to the foundation and to Pearson Education seeking documents and information related to their activities with state education officials, including at least four education conferences — in London, Helsinki, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro — since 2008, according to people familiar with the investigation.

At stake are tens of millions of dollars of state education contracts, reports the New York Times.

This reminds us, is someone looking at Apple’s freebies for educators?


via New York Attorney General Is Investigating Pearson Education – NYTimes.com.


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