Looking Back: WiredAcademic’s Top 10 Stories of 2011

by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr under CreativeCommons

Here are the 10 most popular stories on WiredAcademic.com in 2011 as determined by unique visitors. We thank you for making our first year a big success:

  1. Khan Academy Competitor? Mike Feerick of Alison.com Talks About The Future of Online Education
  2. Review: 10 Education Tech Startups from ImagineK12 to Watch
  3. Fareed Zakaria, Gates and Khan Explore How to Fix America’s Education System [Video]
  4. Pearson Llc + Google Expands LMS Business With “OpenClass” System
  5. Industry View: “Is For-Profit Education Dead?” Guest Column by Michael K. Clifford
  6. Inside Ashford University: A former staffer talks to WiredAcademic
  7. For-profit college guru Michael Clifford’s latest project: Victory University
  8. [Infographic] Online Students vs. Brick and Mortar Students
  9. Watch Out Edu Profiteers: UK’s Open University Ideas Are Coming To America
  10. Opinion: Why Capella’s Position On Rankings Is Wrong-Headed

Meanwhile, here are some other great top-1o articles and lists about education in 2011 and outlooks on 2012 (Feel free to share more such links to 2011 reviews and 2012 outlooks in the comment section and we will add them to this list):








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