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Big Weekend For Sal Khan; Appears On 60 Minutes & Launches Free iPad App

By on March 12, 2012
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Sal Khan’s celebrity grows … along with his efforts in flipping education and tutoring models upside down. He appeared on 60 Minutes this past weekend as the subject of a Sanjay Gupta profile.


Khan Academy also released a new iPad app:

Gregory Ferenstein writes in

  • The enhanced version of Khan Academy includes time-syncing between devices–no Internet connection required–an interactive transcript of the lectures for easy searching, and a handy scrubber for moving between parts of the lectures. 
  • The major benefit of the app is offline learning. “If you’re going on a road trip or if you’re taking mass transit and you don’t have cell service, or whatever, you can get the content,” says Khan Academy Lead Designer Jason Rosoff. The iPad frees Khan Academy from the constraints of a laptop and Internet connection. Rosoff says the app will remember where users left off viewing and sync progress between devices (though, for the initial version, both devices will need to connect to the Internet before going offline to sync).
  • Second, with inspiration from TED, Khan lectures will now have an interactive time-stamped transcript, which is a convenient search function, considering some of the lectures can be quite long.
  • Last, just like a textbook, users flip back and forth between different parts of the content. “People scrub a lot in our videos,” says Rosoff. The app will have an enhanced version video scrubber (the scroll bar at the bottom of a video) that makes repeating areas less painful.Via

Meghan Kelly of VentureBeat writes: 

Currently, the Khan Academy has more than 3,000 videos of all different subjects in its education warehouse. With the app, parents, teachers, and students can watch students’ progress on these videos along with information about how long students took to answer practice questions, and whether they’re stuck on a certain topic. The app now allows you to watch these videos offline by downloading them to your iPad. You can also sync progress between your devices, according toFast Company. For instance, if you’re watching a video on your laptop, it will pick up in the same place on your iPad to be viewed wherever you go.People often repeat certain sections of Khan Academy’s videos to understand the topic better. In fact, creator recent Sal Khan attributed the success of his program to this ability to re-watch a lesson without the pressure of a human teacher. For this reason, the company added easier backtracking to its videos. A list of “subtitles” and associated timestamps appear below the video for you to click on and return to that segment.The iPad app does not yet support practice exercises, but the company does plan to include them in the future.

AppAdvice writes: 

It took long enough, but now the good folks behind Khan Academy have released an official iOS app. Alas, the iOS app is available only for the iPad, which is not unreasonable since we’re talking about intensive videos here after all. The app makes the video library readily available on the desktop site even more readily available on the touchscreen iPad. But if you’re worried whether the app would take up hundreds of megabytes and take forever to download because of the multitude of videos it apparently contains, fret not. The app weighs in at just less than 2 megabytes, owing to the fact that the contents of Khan Academy’s entire video library are actually not saved locally. Only those that you yourself download on your device are saved for offline viewing.

Via AppAdvice Jordan Kahn at 9to5Mac writes: 

The biggest difference between the new official app and those from third-party devs is that you can now log in to your Khan Academy account; get credit for watching videos, and track goals and achievements from within the app. The app also provides fully subtitled videos with the ability to browse by subtitle, an enhanced video scrubber, and lets you download videos and playlists for offline viewing. The app does not currently include actual exercises offered through to go with the videos, but the service promises they are “coming soon.”

Via 9to5Mac


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