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Infographic: Learning Analytics 101, How Data Could Change Everything

Learning Analytics 101

Data in the classroom is not new, it’s just that new tools and software have begun to harness all the information and digest it. A little context here, or skip forward for the infographic.

Andrianes Pinantoan, who is employed by Australian online school OpenColleges (formerly Cengage Education), wrote up a good summary of learning analytics for Edudemic. Full disclosure, OpenColleges also sponsored the inforgraphic. Pinantoan wrote:

According to Educause (PDF), learning analytics is “the use of data and models to predict student progress and performance, and the ability to act on that information”. It differs from other pedagogical theories because it focuses on the learner’s interaction with his or her learning environment.

He goes on to outline four themes for how to set the course for student data analysis:

  1. Collecting large amounts of data
  2. Translating that data into actionable insights
  3. Personalization and adaptation
  4. Predicting the best course in the future

Learning Analytics 101



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  1. 25 mos ago

    “75%-80% of resources in data analytics depend on costly human effort.”

    Of course. BUT districts known they can make life so miserable for seasoned teachers that they unwillingly retire. Then the district can hire two “newbies” in that teacher’s place and thus “costly human effort” won’t cost so much. But at what cost to the students, is the question.

    “Teachers will fill multiple roles: “Instructor….facilitator…..analysts”

    News flash: Teachers ALREADY fill multiple roles, about 20 to be exact; including study trips coordinator and instruction differentiation expert !

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