Davos: 12-Year-Old Pakistani Prodigy Girl Talks About Her Online Learning

Thomas L-2. Friedman, New York Times, speaks with Khadijah Niazi, age 12 of Pakistan Victor Pinchuk Foundation C 2013. Photographed by Sergey Illin

Khadijah Niazi of Lahore, Pakistan, is an inspirational example of how online education is revolutionizing learning. She was only 10 years old when she first took the Artificial Intelligence online course on Udacity. She managed to finish the course and, the following year, Khadijah completed Udacity’s Physics course with highest distinction, being the youngest ever girl to complete it.

Now, Khadijah is 12-years old, and earlier this month she sat next to Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Larry Summers of Harvard, Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times, and other panelists at the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s 6th Philanthropic Roundtable, which took place at Davos in conjunction with the World Economic Forum. The discussion aims to show how MOOCs are finding their way to young prodigies around the world and how they are potentially changing the game in educational access.

“I think that MOOCs may allow peace in the world,” she says at one point during the video. Here’s the entire discussion:

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