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INFOGRAPHIC: Why edX is the Top Ranked MOOC

MOOC Rankings

ListedTech put together this nifty infographic as one way to rank MOOCs. It’s a quick easy way to put the various platforms in perspective, but does not take into account variables like which professors actually teach, and differences in platform features. Still, we liked the simple elegance of the idea and the fact that this uses world rankings. From ListedTech:

If you had to select the best Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) platforms, how would you do it? You could compile the individual course ratings offered on each system (see coursetalk.org) or you could do what several people do when choosing a program; look at university rankings to give you an indication of the quality of the academic programs.

With the help of 9 world university rankings, we rated the top 4 MOOCs platforms (CourseraedXFuturelearn and Udacity) by compiling the ratings of the partnering institutions.



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