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INFOGRAPHIC: Why Mobile Learning is the Future of Workplace Learning


Yes, we get that mobile devices are everywhere and taking over the world. If there was any lingering doubt, Upside Learning, a corporate training consultancy, hammers the point home with this infographic. While we can see the case for learners taking to tablets, we’re not totally convinced mobile phones can serve students in the same way unless there are some ways to expand the interactive footprint through augmented visual field, projection, or simply bigger screens that fold/stow/or in some way give learners a more engaged experience. Still, that said, the future is mobile, maybe it’s simply a question of how to harness the wave to provide new learning opportunities that actually fit.

Mobile Learning is the Future of Workplace Learning


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  1. 24 mos, 2 wks ago

    This is a great infographic. My only quibble is this – workplace learning will not be “mobile” in the way we think of it now. In the near future, our perception of the internet will shift from mobile as an add-on to mobile as the default. The future of workplace learning is learning everywhere, all the time.

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