Ten websites that teach coding and a bunch of other things


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  1. Thanks @caleweissman for your review of sites that teach coding, and thanks @WiredAcademic for publishing it. It’s great! Here’s a related post I wrote on why learning coding today is so important. I strongly believe coding is the new literacy, and therefore we must start teaching it at a young age to cultivate literate innovators & collaborative creative thinkers in our society:
    Plus @globaloria — a social learning platform for teaching middle school & high school kids how to code through game design and team work… more suitable for younger, less motivated learners, and designed as an “equalizer,” to energize youth (especially young girls and minorities) in underprivileged schools and communities to get into coding (see their coding learning products on

  2. SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — Growing up in Silicon Valley doesn’t necessarily mean every student has access to computers, but a program now in its second year in San Jose is giving students as young as 12 the chance to make their own video games and learn how to code:
    The same program, called @globaloria,is in its 4th year in Texas and 6th year in West Virginia, and has been teaching coding to over 7,000 youth to date, as published on EdWeek:
    The Austin school’s enrollment is 85 percent Hispanic and 40 percent English-language-learner. Principal Marisol Rocha says “the program’s most profound impact has been on native Spanish-speakers.”

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