Elbert Chu

Elbert Chu is CTO and Innovation Editor at Wired Academic. His work has appeared in: ESPN, Fast Company, People Magazine, and World Magazine. He covers people and ideas in business, design, technology, religion, sustainability, and philanthropy— especially where they intersect. He always welcomes a good lead. [email protected] @elbertchu

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APOL20.37  chart-0.05  chart -0.24%
AAPL515.06  chart+2.0605  chart +0.40%
BPI10.04  chart-0.11  chart -1.08%
CAST0.0935  chart+0.0085  chart +10.00%
CECO3.25  chart-0.05  chart -1.52%
COCO2.44  chart+0.01  chart +0.41%
CPLA27.96  chart+0.09  chart +0.32%
DV23.36  chart+0.24  chart +1.04%
EDMC4.50  chart-0.06  chart -1.32%
ESI17.17  chart-0.05  chart -0.29%
GOOG706.29  chart-2.58  chart -0.36%
LINC5.94  chart+0.10  chart +1.71%
LOPE22.68  chart-0.18  chart -0.79%
PEDH0.60  chart0.00  chart +0.00%
PSO19.37  chart-0.02  chart -0.10%
SABA8.42  chart-0.01  chart -0.12%
SCHL29.00  chart+0.01  chart +0.03%
STRA56.90  chart-0.7014  chart -1.22%
WPO361.60  chart+1.60  chart +0.44%
2012-12-27 16:00