Mission Statement:

The staff and leadership of WiredAcademic strive to bring solid, independent analysis and reporting to the burgeoning online education industry. This news and thought center aims to scrutinize all aspects of the growing industry in a way that brings more transparency, knowledge and quality to all participants from educators, administrators, investors and, most important, students. We see technology as a major driver for positive change in education worldwide. We see For-Profit colleges and high schools have potential to bring greater efficiency to education worldwide. But we believe that positive change also depends on ethical practices within online education. Our management and editorial team includes seasoned journalists and academic officials to report, filter, edit, research and produce timely and accurate information about the online education sector.

Statement of Principles:

- Our commitment is to seek and publish the truth.
- We produce news and information products for readers. Some of it is free. Some of it we will charge for.
- We have advertisements on our site and products to fund our journalism and research operations. But the advertisers do not influence our content.
- Sources do not review material before we publish it and do not exert editorial influence.
- We accept no funding from the educational institutions or sources we write about other than by indirect advertisements or subscriptions for our products, i.e. normal commerce.

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