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APEI35.42  chart+0.88  chart +2.55%
APOL20.46  chart+0.09  chart +0.44%
AAPL509.5892  chart-5.4708  chart -1.06%
BPI10.14  chart+0.10  chart +1.00%
CAST0.08  chart-0.0135  chart -14.44%
CECO3.31  chart+0.06  chart +1.85%
COCO2.36  chart-0.08  chart -3.28%
CPLA28.12  chart+0.16  chart +0.57%
DV23.42  chart+0.06  chart +0.26%
EDMC4.37  chart-0.13  chart -2.89%
ESI17.45  chart+0.28  chart +1.63%
GOOG700.01  chart-6.28  chart -0.89%
LINC5.76  chart-0.18  chart -3.03%
LOPE22.41  chart-0.27  chart -1.19%
PEDH0.60  chart0.00  chart +0.00%
PSO19.28  chart-0.09  chart -0.46%
SABA8.63  chart+0.21  chart +2.49%
SCHL28.76  chart-0.24  chart -0.83%
STRA55.32  chart-1.58  chart -2.78%
WPO361.89  chart+0.29  chart +0.08%
2012-12-28 16:00