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Opinion Contributors: 

Michael B. Horn, contributing columnist, is Executive Director of Education at Innosight Institute and WiredAcademic Guest Columnist, @michaelbhorn


Annie Murphy Paul, contributing columnist, Science and education journalist, author, speaker. Sign up for her newsletter at Email her at Follow her on Twitter @AnnieMurphyPaul


Frank Catalano, contributing columnist, is a consultant, author and veteran analyst of digital education and consumer technologies. He tweets @FrankCatalano, consults as Intrinsic Strategy and contributes regularly to WiredAcademic, GeekWire and MindShift.


Ryan Craig,  contributing columnist, is a Partner at University Ventures, a venture fund focused on innovation from within higher education.


Jonathan Mugan is a computer science researcher at 21CT specializing in machine learning and AI. I completed a postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University, and I received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. @JMugan

Terry Heick is an educator, husband, and father of three children. He is interested in improved social capacity through the design of progressive learning forms. @TeachThought

Alison Anderson K8 Tech teacher at Holy Cross-mom, Chicago native, Marquette basketball fan, track coach who tries to run, MentorMob lover and blogging. @tedrosececi


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